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In my 21 years in the industry I have worked every position in a restaurant from back of the house to front of the house. With the knowledge I have gained I can assist with helping you elevate or develop your bar and restaurant program. Through traveling and networking I keep up with industry trends and the needs and wants of consumers. I specialize in building bar programs with unique and one of a kind menus while complementing a bar owners vison that grabs media attention. 


Services & Solutions


  • Create a stylish custom menu to compliment your establishment

  • Provide full menu cost

  • Use of high quality ingredients

  • Prepare & supply bar recipe book

  • Supply par lists for all beer, wine & spirits

  • Provide ordering guides and websites


  • Extensive staff training

  • Develop employee education program


  • Establish relationships with industry vendors

  • Market establishment and menus through social media & photography


  • Create custom bar layout that provides flow while maintaining your budget

  • Revamp existing design & layout to bring your bar up to date

  • Organize and provide placement for tools, glassware, spirits & anything pertaining to the bar.  

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